Pray for Your Marriage

Pray with me as we invite the Holy Spirit to enter into our marriages so that we can be changed into the image of our God. Pray this and speak this aloud over your marriage, your husband, yourself, your circumstances. God is on the move! APPROACH Jesus, I come on behalf of my husband and stand in the gap for our marriage. I come because of Who You are and what You did and say thank You. Thank You for saving us. Thank You for freeing us. Thank You for being Yourself in and through us. God, we need and desire You more today than we did yesterday. You are our First Husband LORD. You are our Covering, our Strong Tower and Refuge. You are our Reason for Hope and Strength, Life and Living. We are nothing without You. We do not exist without Your Spirit of Life and Breath. THANKSGIVING We thank You that You are the Author and Giver of our lives. We thank You that You are the One Who gives our feet direction and our hearts encouragement. We thank You that You strengthen us for the journey and empower us for this season of Life. We thank You that You give us Your Words of Knowledge and Words of Wisdom that bring life into our dry bones. We thank You that You give us eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts to respond to what You are doing in each of us. We thank You that You know how to impart life and You know how to build up and encourage. God, give us Your strength so that a world will taste and see and know that You are the LORD God Almighty. THE BLOOD We thank You that Your blood is greater than any battle we will face and any pain we have endured. Thank You that Your blood covenant breaks the power of every disagreement and conflict that comes to steal, kill and destroy. We give You full authority to live out the destiny of Your Kingship and Your Lordship in us. Thank You that Your blood lets us approach Your throne with boldness and thank You that You hold Your scepter out to us. Thank You for Your plan for our lives and we ask You to continue to map it out one piece at a time. Thank You that though You are never early, You are never late and so we trust You. EYES ON YOU Thank You for delivering us from the strongholds of pain and building us into Your spiritual houses. Thank You that we are equipped for such a time as this and because we have known pain, we can minister life to those now in pain. Thank You for the mantle You have placed on our hearts and the harness You have on our souls. Thank You that we now run swiftly and in full gait as we keep our eyes on You our Maker and Deliverer. SUBMIT We thank You for calling us to submit to one another. We say we will yield to each other in the fear of the LORD. We say our fear of You is greater than our pride and greater than our need to be right. We yield to You and to one another. INTIMACY We desire to know You and desire to be changed by You. We desire to have intimacy with You and intimacy with one another. Let us taste and see and know that You are good through one another! Increase our intimacy so we can stay in harmony. Reveal every foothold the enemy has in us that steals our intimacy. Expose every distraction and every “good” thing that is not from You so that we can only do those things that please You. EXPECT We love You and we need You more than we need anything! We expect Your goodness in the land of the living! We expect You to draw us into Your arms of intimacy for such a time as this! Amen.

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