Thoughts from Psalm 42

As a deer pants for the water brooks, My child – let your mind, your will and your emotions pant for Me. Let Me be Your God in this life, in this loss, in this hope, in this pain. Let Me comfort you. Let your mind and your will and your emotions and your spirit thirst for Me because I will fulfill your need. You belong to Me and one day yes you will appear before Me so know I love you and you do not have to be afraid. I know your tears have been like food day and night and it is possible you might even wonder where I was in all of this. I AM here and I Am yours. Remember Me as you pour out your soul. In the procession to the house of God you were a voice of joy and thanksgiving to Me. Do not let Me only be in your past. With Me as your Friend, I offer you a more excellent way than despair. Do not allow your mind, your will or your emotions to be disturbed or filled with pity or depression. You have a hole that I will fill as you HOPE in Me and come again to praise Me. Praise Me in the pain and praise Me in the sorrow and praise Me in the grief and praise Me in the joy and praise Me in the conflict. I AM your Friend and I want to be WITH you in this journey of life through everything! Hope in ME for I AM your Help and My presence will be your Comfort. With the help of My presence I will enable you to yet lift your hands to Me again. Though your soul wants to despair – change your mind and remember Me in the land where you live. As deep calls to deep at the sound of My waterfalls – let My breakers and My waves roll over you. My waterfalls, My Presence, My blood is your protection. My waterfall is your comfort. My waterfall is your strength. Let ME be your Stronghold. Let ME strongly hold you. I AM the LORD and I do command My loving-kindness in your daytime and My song will be with you in the night. I AM with you and so come to Me and bring Me your thoughts, your ideas, your deepest concerns and fears. Come to Me and know I AM your Rock. I AM truly with you so do not listen to the enemy’s lies that say I will or have forgotten you. How could I? I created you and I love you more than you know. Grieve and mourn My daughter. But do not grieve or mourn without Me. Do not allow yourself to be played by the enemy. Stay with the family of Christ. Do not run from Me or My friends. I AM with you in many ways and through various people. Stay connected to those who love you with My Love and I will give you hope and rest and life. I have a plan. I ALWAYS do. I have you on a journey and I will show you how to walk with Me and My body.

You will live again. The enemy longs to oppress you and wants to become your god. He will lure you with self pity and depression and despair. He will disguise himself as Me as HE gives you permission to slip into darkness and eventually convince you that its all you have. So don’t you do it. I AM the God of your life! I AM Life. I give Life to you. I give you permission to live. Your adversaries revile you and

desire to shatter your bones. They whisper where is your God.

Yet here I AM. Here I AM. So, why do you move toward despair?

You are My precious one. Why do you become disturbed

when you have HOPE in ME? Trust Me. Rely on Me.

Turn into ME for I AM the help of your countenance.

I AM your God. I walk with you.

I AM your Friend, your Father, your Husband, your LOVE, your LIFE. I will not desert you - I AM for you. I gave Myself up for you.

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