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Christ died as us so we can live as Him.
Find regular teachings and prayer:

Our heart is for you know God as Father and that you are awakened to His presence inside you. God is for you - not against you and He lives life with you and through you.


I have a number of books on Amazon to encourage and strengthen you in your personal relationship with Father, Christ and Holy Spirit.


Donna and her husband Craig are both ordained ministers through Talking Back to

God, Inc. and Kingdom Connections International, Inc.. Their home church is God’s House in Houston, Texas.


Mission, Vision and Belief

Our mission is to be known by God. As we pursue Him, we learn how to receive His love,

love one another, and embrace all He is and has to give us, His sons and daughters. We are His bride - not just His sons and daughters. Every woman is a leader.​ We are not a church, SOZO center or exclusive club. We are not a service or prayer meeting. Sometimes signs and wonders are hugs, tears or one-on-one talks. We believe God is our Father and has always longed for relationship with His children. We want to reach God but They truly reach into us. On the Cross, we were forgiven and Father, Son and Spirit help us live and represent Love here on planet earth. We are invited to be awakened to our true identity in Christ.


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