God Speaks from Proverbs 2

My precious one - you are the builder of My family name. If you will receive My sayings appointed for you and treasure My precepts and commandments within you and if you will make your ear as an advertisement for Me and attentive to Me so that you hearken to My wit and if you will incline your feelings, your intelligence, your center for anything and if you will incline toward Me for understanding and call out to Me for it as if you are being accosted and if you will call out for discernment and lift your voice for understanding and if you will seek understanding and wisdom as you would search for silver and if you will search for wisdom as you would search for hidden treasures – THEN, you will discern the true and real fear of Me and you will mentally distinguish and perceive reverence for ME and you will discover My cunning, My wisdom.

For I AM the LORD and I give you wisdom. From My mouth I blow into your heart and ear knowledge and understanding. I blow My words into you that are quicker than any two edged sword. I store up sound wisdom for you and I give support for you the upright. I give ability to you as you lean into the covenant My Son and I made. I AM your shield and I protect you like the scaly skin of a crocodile as you walk in the completed work of the cross.

I am maintaining your well trodden road and I am guarding you My traveler and I am protecting you who travels in a caravan of justice. I AM hedging you about with thorns and I AM preserving your way and your conversation My merciful saint. As You are about My road of justice, you will discern righteousness and you will distinguish between what is right and what is prosperity and what is every good and better cause. I send wisdom to enter into your heart and I send you knowledge that is pleasant to your breathing and your vitality. I have a good plan for you – I have a witty invention that will hedge you about with thorns and protect you. My understanding will watch and maintain you as you obey. My understanding will deliver you from the enemy and snatch you away in order to defend you. I will give you an escape from the way of adversity, affliction and calamity and I will do My part to snatch you away from the man who speaks fraud or perverse things about you and I will give you an escape from those who leave the paths of righteousness in order to walk in a miserable course of life and I will provide a way of escape so that you do NOT follow a pathway of destruction, death , sorrow , ignorance or obscurity.

Do not be like those in darkness who delight in accomplishing evil and rejoice in the fraud of evil. do not be like those on the well trodden road of darkness that have a crooked road and will be turned aside to defeat. No, follow Me and I will do My part to deliver you from the strange one who has turned aside for lodging in adultery and I will do My part to deliver you from the one who is committed to flattering you with words to bring you into destruction. It is not My will that you relinquish the companion of your youth or that you forget the league I made with My Son Jesus. I give you power to work through difficult things through My covenant of blood.

Listen, the one who lives to take you into adultery will want to lead you into tracks that lead to the dead. None who go with the strange one will reach the pathway of My raw strong fresh life. So, don’t allow yourself to be deceived by the affection of your flesh for it will move you into adultery. Do not become distracted with things or people or lack or riches because those distractions will eventually lead you so that you are not longer walking with Me.

Instead, choose to walk in the way of good men who hear My voice and allow Me to hedge them about with thorns and guard them and protect their pathways of just and lawfulness. For the righteous will reside permanently with Me in the land of the living and the blameless will remain in truth and integrity and will remain without blemish as they persevere to walk with Me. On the other hand, the wicked will be cut off from the land and will find their treacherous ways uprooted and plucked up.

So, walk with Me my friend. Let Me lead you with understanding and wisdom and courage and strength. Let Me walk with you through this life as you search for Me AND as you search for Me, you will find wisdom in My words to you. I’ll not leave youor forsake you. I have much more in store for you. So, don’t turn away. Don’t give up or turn back from Me, My presence or MY wisdom because I WILL NOT give up on you.

I love you. God

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