Talking Back to God is a recognized 501(c)3. All donations are tax deductible.

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Do you think a city can fall in love with God? I do! With all my heart I believe we can influence a city for our God. Will you join me in a community effort to love ourselves, families and friends...and those around us? Its time to step out from isolation into HIM in Jesus name.


Donna has a few resources which you can find on Amazon - Click Here
You can also find videos to encourage you on YouTube - Click Here

Donna is a community leader who loves folks right where they are - unchurched or

churched - regardless of denomination. She offers encouragement and opportunity to

know God personally. Over the years, she worked in youth, worship and intercession ministries. She has a specific bent toward evangelism, discipleship and prayer. Donna is not fancy or perfect and knows eloquence does not get God’s attention.


Donna was the technical writer of a public school curriculum called HERO, written by

Pastor Richard Hinojosa, Senior Pastor of Church of the Good Shepherd located in Brownsville, TX. HERO was successfully implemented in a public charter school in

Houston Texas and has been taught in public schools in Mississippi. Doug Stringer of Somebody Cares America endorses HERO.


Donna and her husband Craig are both ordained ministers through Talking Back to

God, Inc. and Kingdom Connections International, Inc.. Their home church is God’s House in Houston, Texas.


Mission - Why we do what we do

Our mission is to be known by God. As we pursue Him, we learn how to receive His love,

love one another, and embrace all He is and has to give us, His sons and daughters.


Vision - What we do

We encourage and equip ​mostly women, from cross-denominational backgrounds

through one-on-one meetings and through gathering regularly with those who hunger

for more than a sermon.


Strategy - How we do it

Through intimate retreats and sometimes larger meetings, we facilitate relationships

with one another and God while we learn something new, meet a new friend and find

a fresh perspective. We also use ​TV and Social Media to reach larger groups.

We are not a church. We are not a Sozo center. We are not an exclusive club. We are

not a service or prayer meeting. Sometimes our signs and wonders are hugs, tears

of a healing heart, a new friend for life or a spiritual daughter, son, mom or dad.

Sometimes we have others who become born again through simply being

loved by our being Good News. We believe in excellence while not being fancy.


What we Believe

God is the Father of the entire planet. He had His first son, Adam and when Adam and his wife, Eve, disobeyed - it separated mankind from the Father. Man did what he could to reach God for many years through animal sacrifices.  Fast Forward - the Father sent His son Jesus Christ to live in obedience as the Perfect Sacrifice. HE forgave us, re-established our relationship with the Father and renewed our mandate to conquer and reign here on earth. JESUS brought a new government and HE is the One we are to be in union with and now...because of Jesus, mankind has the freedom to choose God the Father as their own Father.  We are forgiven.